Our wide range of fabrics for DRESSES and SKIRTS

Lycra fabric colors

Sea water, Navy blue,  Gray, Brown, Purple, Black, Red, Red wine.

Tissue colors in smooth Koshibo

Koshibo 418, Koshibo 750, Koshibo P1, Koshibo R3, Koshibo R4, Koshibo R5, Koshibo R6, Koshibo R7, Koshibo R8, Koshibo R11, Koshibo R12, Koshibo R13, Koshibo R14, Koshibo R15, Koshibo R16, Koshibo R17, Koshibo R18.

Fabric colors in Koshibo Estampado

DENI256, Koshibo 103, Koshibo 207, Koshibo 212, Koshibo 320, Koshibo 420, Koshibo 562, Koshibo 563, Koshibo 570, Koshibo 571, Koshibo 619, Koshibo 620, Koshibo 637, Koshibo 639, Koshibo 68C302, Koshibo 7-105, Koshibo 7-114, Koshibo 7-115, Koshibo 72857C372, Koshibo 72857C721, Koshibo 844-07, Koshibo AB-06, Koshibo D06, Koshibo D209-39, Koshibo D209-40, Koshibo E01-08, Koshibo L1, Koshibo L14, Koshibo L15, Koshibo L17, Koshibo L18,  Koshibo L6, Koshibo L9, Koshibo R-754, Koshibo R5C101, Koshibo RL114, Koshibo RL120, Koshibo RL312, Koshibo RL421, Koshibo TD13, Koshibo TE-212.